Mobile fence systems

Temporary fences for purchase and for rental

Our company distributes temporary fences both for purchase and for rental purposes. This offers a flexible, configurable and movable mobile fencing solution for a wide range of applications.

Three main types of temporary fences can be found on our website, these are wire mesh fences, plate inserted fences and cordons. Here you can find some information of each in a nutshell:

The wire mesh temporary fence is the most commonly used panel. 
Its strong steel frame and welded pre-galvanised tubes make it a perfect choice for construction sites and events. The wire mesh fences are available in the following sizes: 3500mm x 2000mm, 2200mm x 2000mm, and 1200mm x 2000mm. Its installation with the PVC blocks and standard connectors is easy and does not require professional skills. Any panel can be turned into a gate with the standard hinge set, ring and wheel. 

The plate inserted fences have pre-galvanized steel frame with a profiled and coated steel plate infill. Its size is 2200mm x 2100mm and it is compatible with standard mobile fence panels and accessories. Use of braces is highly recommended for this type, since the solid surface of the fence can be susceptible for heavy wind loads. The installation of braces, fixed with ground anchors helps to avoid capsizing.

The cordons are ideal for crowd control either on indoor or outdoor programs. Its strong frame with vertical bar infill and self securing anti-lift connection system makes it immensely effective when it comes to mass events. The size of the cordons is 2500mm x 1100mm. 


On our website you can also find any necessary accessories in order to install the temporary fence system appropriately, from the PVC blocks to the braces and ground anchors. In case of view prevention into construction sites or backstage during events is required, temporary fence curtains can easily be fixed with plastic straps, and they are available in the exact size of the fence panels.

We are located in Budapest, but we undertake transfers all over the country. Should you have any further question, please feel free to contact us!

You can also do so in case of asking for a quotation or more detailed information. 

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